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The “HICOMP Laboratory” is our exclusively promotion project, which provide you a low-cost,   hassle-free solutions for customized microfluidic chips. It can dramatically  reduce your R&D     cost,and help you start mass production quickly.

Based on our world-leading micro-nanofabrication  technology, the “HiComp Laboratory” can   provide multi-material manufacture service, such as polymer, glass, ceramic, sapphire, silicon  and metal. The feature size of the product can be micron-scale and surface roughness can achieve nanoscale. 

The first project “Micro Injection Molding Laboratoy” is designed for the microfluidic applications. We  will provide 5000 pieces of full-customized chips     fabricated by micro injection molding, and the promotional price is only $59999

1. One customer only has one chance to participate in the promotion. Different departments or research groups in the same company/institute can only be considered after review.

2. Customers participating in the activities are required to authorize HICOMP to use its corporate name for marketing purpose.

3. Any order from competitors will be rejected.

4. Technical specifications of the product:

    1).Materials: Materials are limited to PMMA, PS and PC. If COC, COP and other customized materials are needed, additional fees will be charged.

  2).Product dimension: We provide microfluidic chips with different dimensions. Currently dimensions of 30mm×80mm×1.5mm and 25.5mm×75.5mm×1.5mm are available. More options will be open soon. Please visit our official website for more details.

  3).Product design: Customer design should be evaluated by our engineers. The depth of micro channels and reservoirs should be the same, and the pattern should be less than 10% of the entire chip area. If inlet/outlet holes are needed, additional fees will be charged.

  4).The micro channel design: minimum channel width ≥10μm, depth-to-width ratio ≤1, and depth ≤80μm. If the design of micro channels are out of the rules, additional fees will be charged.

  5).In this promotion, we only provide substrates fabricated by micro-injection. If the sealing or bonding is needed, additional fees will be charged.

5. An advance payment (70% of the contractually due sum) is required. The standard delivery time is three months. If you need an urgent order, additional fees will be charged.

6. By participating in this promotion, you agree to be legally bound by these terms. We may change these terms at any time by posting changes online. Please review these terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes made by us. The HICOMP reserves the right to the final interpretation of this promotion.