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The gene sequencing chip is also known as DNA sequencing chip microarrays (DNA microarray), it can mainly be divided into three types: 

(1) a nucleic acid probe or a cDNA fragment fixed on the surface of a polymer substrate (a nylon membrane, nitrocellulose film, etc.), it is usually hybridized with isotopically labeled target gene, and it can be detected by radiographic techniques.

(2) using DNA probe arrays fixed on a glass plate by the spotting sample method, it can be detect by hybridizing with fluorescently labeled the target gene. 

(3) directly synthesizing an oligonucleotide probe array on glass and other hard, it can be detected by hybridizing with a fluorescently labeled target gene. The method is the combination of the microelectronic photolithographic techniques and chemically synthesized DNA technology, and it can improve greatly the probe density of gene sequencing chip, reduce the amount of reagents to standardize and batch mass production. It has a significant potential for development.

Currently the company can provide high density probe arrays by injection molding, and can achieve standardization and mass production.