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With the rapid development of millimeter/sub-millimeter wave and terahertz technology, the devices that are capable of generating, transmitting and processing these signals are drawing great attentions in both industrial and academic field. The devices, which can generate terahertz radiation, include vacuum electronic devices (traveling-wave tube, backward wave oscillator, gyrotron, klystron, cavity magnetron, and free electron laser) and solid-state electronics (frequency mixer, low-noise amplifier, power amplifier and frequency multiplier). Passive devices that transmit and process signals include filters, frequency mixer, converter and coupler, most of which are made of metal waveguide. However, the application of metal waveguide is substantial impeded by the traditional machining approaches, which is difficult to obtain small feature size, high precision, and low volume. 

With the development of vacuum electronic technology and aerospace electronic technology, the requirements of equipment volume and weight is becoming increasingly severe. The developing trend is small volume, high integration, low power consumption, low loss, high reliability and low cost, which demands the technical support of advanced metal fabrication.

Using the new generation high precision composite formation technique, there is no machined residual stress, burr and surface burning in the fabricated workpiece. We can fabricate complicate 3D microstructure in almost any metals or alloys, which can meet the severe requirement of accuracy and dimension for Microwave/RF devices.


10μm size in fabricated metal


Nowadays, RF MEMS can find increasingly application in modern transmission systems, including wireless communication systems and satellite communications systems, and it has significant application potential in front-end RF communication system. RF MEMS devices can dramatically improve performance of RF system remarkably by replacing traditional devices with devices fabricated by MEMS process. According to traditional method, RF MEMS devices can be categorized as movable devices and fixed devices. Filter belongs to fixed device, and it is a passive device for transmitting and processing signals.

Typical process flow of filter is as below: first, ablating through and drilling holes based on the image of filters with DRIE in silicon wafers; then, sputtering and electroplating of gold layer on surface of silicon wafers to realize metallization; finally, bonding glass cap with gold layer by Au-Si eutectic bond to achieve completely metallized waveguide structure.