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Since MEMS micro manufacturing technique is based on the traditional IC manufacturing technology, silicon and its compounds become the main materials naturally. Relatively mature devices and process generated from IC manufacturing procedure are utilized in processing on the silicon substrate. MEMS technology is a typical interdiscipline, involving different aspects of science and technology, and it can be widely used in spaceflight, aviation, military, optical communication, Consumer Electronics, wireless communication, biological medicine and other aspects of human life. Consequently, a single material system cannot meet all these requirement. New materials represented by metal, polymer and glass are increasingly used in the field of MEMS. They have become the research hotspot in order to improve devices’ performance and increase systems’ functions.

Micro system not only need integrate and microminiaturize the functional units of sensing, controlling, and processing based on electronic techniques, but also need dramatically reduce the structures of linking, supporting, bearing loads, executing movements and transmitting power. The overall size and feature size of these structures is millimeter-scale and is micrometer- scale, respectively. The machining precisions of shape and position are required strictly because due to the certain transmission, linking or assembling coordination between components. Considering macro cutting force existing in the traditional precision machining manufacturing progress, deformation, heat and other problems will emerge when manufacturing tiny components, especially in micrometer-scale. Additionally, the residual stress tends to be left on surface which influences the products’ operational performance. 

Hi Comp’s techniques completely break through the limit of silicon materials in micro-nano manufacturing. Mastering the new multi-material large-scale micro manufacturing technique system, we can fabricate high quality components based on polymer, glass, ceramics, sapphires and metals in micron feature size with nanoscale surface roughness. We can not only help you innovate and upgrade the products of MEMS, microprobes, micro components and anti-counterfeiter techniques, but also reduce the manufacturing cost at the same time.